5 Ways to Get You on The Path to Richness

5 Ways to Get You on The Path to Richness

The mind is a terrible thing to waste—this was not just a catchy slogan by the United Negro College Fund, it’s truth to power.

Everything ladies—begins in the mind and if you are really deep—it begins in the soul.

How we think, and what we think reflect, what we believe about ourselves and our self-worth.

Ever had a friend who constantly seems to be in non-stop drama and always a dollar late.  Chances are her sense of self and value are shot.

Maybe that’s even you?  You are constantly broke, feeling broke down, mad, angry about your situation and feeling like it’s never going to end.

The cycle of brokenness and poverty are all too common in our communities because our communities were indeed intentionally broken.  That’s a fact.  But it doesn’t mean we have to remain a character in this reality drama of life.

No matter your background, your circumstances in life, you have the power to change your situation with a right mind set, discipline and faith.

So how can you begin to create an enriched life instead of a broke one?

  1. Take time daily to reflect and meditate/pray/get quiet and think about your life. We so rarely take time to self-reflect and to listen to the beat of our life.  What soundtrack is playing in your mind? Is it a melody, a love song, a hateful song, what words do you tell yourself?  And then take note of that tune.  Feel that tune.  Ask your Self why you feel that way.  If you have challenges believing the truth about yourself and knowing that you are wonderfully made, with a gift and purpose that only you can fulfill then you may need to focus on this step long and hard and even get some professional help from a counselor, mentor or coach.  Stop believing the lies about yourself worth and declaring you are the BOMB.COM. Because you are.
  1. Ask yourself “WHAT DO I WANT?” This is very important for women in particular because women generally cater to the needs of others naturally and put our own desires and needs second.  Every day during your quiet time, ask yourself what do I want for myself today, for my family, for my future, for my community?
  1. Enrich your mind more with knowledge. After reflecting on what you want, it’s time to learn more about what you want. Do you want to change careers?  Go to school?  Find a mate?  Travel more?  Get a raise?  Whatever it is, research that topic. In this day and age of “Siri,” “Alexa” and YouTube there is nothing we can’t learn.  Enrich and exercise your mind daily by reading and learning about whatever you said you “wanted.”  Stop wasting time watching others pursue their lives and start pursuing yours.
  1. Take active steps towards that desire. Once you have the vision of what you want, now you can fill in the path toward that goal with real steps.  Your “steps” are nothing more than a plan of action.  For example, if you want to go back to school, then write down what you need to do to make that happen. Do you need to meet with a counselor?  Do you need to pay down some debt?  Do you need to see if your job will pay for some of your schooling?  Do you need to research scholarships? Do you need to enroll in a pre-requisite class first? The point is TAKE ACTION. And do something toward that action on a weekly, if not, daily basis.

The journey from rags to riches takes conscious effort for many of us.  And it’s not about becoming a gazillionaire, it’s about becoming all that you know is within you in the space and time that you were created to conquer and to share that with others so that together we can live richly.

Your Girl,


  1. K. A. Rich Black Woman
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