Girl, You Are Already Rich!

Girl, You Are Already Rich!

Say what now?  Yep.  You read that correctly, you are already rich.  If you are here on this website, reading this right now. I declare you are already rich.  It’s a state of mind first, and you have already passed step one.  In fact, if you make just $32,000 a year, you are already in the top 1% of total wealth according to Oxfam.

Now your pocketbook may not feel like you are in the top 1% globally, but you are.  And that my friends, is a blessing that you can now activate and take further than you ever dreamed.  You.  Yes you, have the power and abilities already to change and to elevate your situation and to enrich your life, not just for yourself but for your family, your community and for the world honey.

I recently gave a talk to UCLA women where I talked about this very thing and how we are already rich but we get stuck on ourselves and our new “selfie culture.”  That’s all about the exterior and less about the interior.  To be truly rich, it’s not just a financial state but it’s a mental and emotional state.  And the mental and the emotional wellbeing feed the financial wellbeing.  What you see in your mind, is what you see in your bank account ladies.

So what visions have you been seeing is the question?  To see the full UCLA Empower Hour, check out my talk and the talks of several other beautifully Rich Black Women here.

Your Girl,


A. K. A. Rich Black Woman

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