4 Things @Flotus …A.K.A. Michelle Obama Has Taught Us

4 Things @Flotus …A.K.A. Michelle Obama Has Taught Us

As cliché as it sounds it all too true….Haters Gonna Hate.  No one knows this to be more true than the First African-American First Lady of the United States.  Since Michelle Obama’s ascent into the White House and her leadership as one of the most dynamic and contemporary First Ladies we’ve seen, Mrs. Obama has been under constant attack for just being herself.

So what does being Michelle look like and what have we learned about Black Womanhood from her?  Michelle Obama leaves us a treasure chest full of jewels to enrich not just Black women but women everywhere.

Michelle Obama’s Rich Rubies of Wisdom

Mrs. Obama has been passionate and resolute about education, the importance of it and ensuring that all girls and boys have access to it.  The Reach Higher initiative is the First Lady’s effort to inspire every student in America to take charge of their future by completing their education past high school.

  1. Key Learning: Pursue education and excellence despite the struggle and make way once you have a voice for someone who doesn’t.

She’s also not afraid to embrace her culture.  Michelle Obama has shown us enough of her character that we all know that we could sit down and have a genuine moment with her and it would be real, honest and caring.  We see this captured in countless photos of Mrs. Obama always listening and participating intently with others.

  1. Key Learning: Engage in life and be present to enjoy it.

No other First Lady has had to endure more ridicule and chastisement from hateful politicians, on-air personalities and citizens.  From people mocking her beauty to her hair, many haters have tried to make this woman stumble to no avail.  No other First Lady has been so glamourous, so stylish, so healthy, so fit, and so educated with an Ivy League resume that is Five Stars.  The reality is that Michelle Obama Rocks and she’s not afraid to let other Black Women know they rock too.  Like when she showed up at the Black Girls Rock Awards Show and declared it to the world.

  1. Key Learning: Love your melanin. The skin you are in.  And keep being you.

We love that Michelle Obama has taken her role as a First Lady to new heights and been front and center with not just one initiative but many national and global campaigns.  From her emphasis on health and exercise, to education, to supporting veterans, Mrs. Obama has been relentless about using the time she’s had in the White House wisely to give voice to the things she is passionate about.

  1. Key Learning: Living a rich life is about being proactive, creative and relentless. Using the time you have wisely for yourself and to make an impact on others.

Quick Facts About Michelle Obama:

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A. K. A. Rich Black Woman

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