Self Care.

Self Care.

Self Care.  It’s been a new buzz word for a few years now and it is now mainstream.  Self Care is the conscious and deliberate care of your inner and outer self so that you can be present and enjoy your life.

Self care involves taking a deliberate time out to focus on the mental and physical wellbeing of your self and ultimately your soul.  It can look like many things.

The practice of self care may include: daily meditation, affirmations, scriptures, motivational words, journaling, sleeping, exercising, and more.

Self Care is also about helping your “Self” cope with the world around you so that you don’t blow up, get railroaded, or have a breakdown.  Many times we neglect our routine of self care and the thorns of life build until they erupt.  They often explode like a volcano at the most inopportune times.

So to prevent this emotional and physical overload, developing your own routine of self care is a part of your overall health and wellbeing plan.

Some easy and impactful ways to get your Self Care Plan together include:
Asking yourself what do you need in order to feel good about yourself daily?

What a Self Care Plan might entail:

1. 30 Minute Mind Walk.  Do it at lunch with a co-worker.  This also doubles as friend time or bonding which also has positive benefits.

2. Daily quiet time.  Is there a daily affirmation that you want to rest in and focus on.  Maybe it’s a motivational quote or scripture.

3.  Talk to someone that makes you happy, or that you enjoy on a regular basis.  Friendship and relationships are apart of nurturing your inner self and connection.

4.  Write down all of the things you are looking forward to in the week.  If you have nothing you are looking forward too, that’s a sign you need to develop some things in your schedule that bring you joy and excitement.  Maybe you need to step out and do something new and different.

What’s your plan entail?  We’d love to hear your tips for a happy self care plan.  Leave a comment.


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