Sisterhood—Can Save Your Life.

Sisterhood—Can Save Your Life.

Did you know that women respond differently to stress than men? In fact, most stress research has been done on men, leaving the data on women less robust.  But, researchers at UCLA have found that women actually move towards friends and nurturing friendships during stressful episodes. 

Sisterhood is also good for your health and has even been attributed to longer life expectancy as well as increased joy and satisfaction.  In our busy and hectic schedules, being with friends and nurturing new and existing friendships can be difficult.  However, the science shows us it is worth it.

Are you neglecting any friendships?  Have you been too busy?  You will always be busy.  So get crackin adding some years to your life and some joy to your heart by setting a date with your friends.  Whether it’s grabbing a bite to eat, going for a walk or doing something fun like a Girl’s Night Out.  Incorporating intentional time to be with your girlfriends on a regular basis is a key ingredient for leading and living an enriched life.

Read more about the UCLA Study here.

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