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By Cynthia Husband, Contributing Beauty Blogger The summer is sizzling and Black Girl Magic has been spreading like wild fire. Today, more than ever, women of color are collectively appreciating their various shades of melanin, loudly, proudly and un-apologetically. And, if you haven’t heard, Black women...

Did you know that women respond differently to stress than men? In fact, most stress research has been done on men, leaving the data on women less robust.  But, researchers at UCLA have found that women actually move towards friends and nurturing friendships during stressful episodes. 

According to a recent report from the National Center for Education Statistics, within each racial/ethnic group within the U.S., women earned the majority of degrees at all levels in 2009–10. For example, among U.S. residents, Black women earned 68 percent of associate's degrees, 66 percent of bachelor's degrees, 71 percent of master's degrees, and 65 percent of all doctor's degrees awarded to Black students. Hispanic women earned 62 percent of associate's degrees, 61 percent of bachelor's degrees, 64 percent of master's degrees, and 55 percent of all doctor's degrees awarded to Hispanic students.

Self Care.  It's been a new buzz word for a few years now and it is now mainstream.  Self Care is the conscious and deliberate care of your inner and outer self so that you can be present and enjoy your life. Self care involves taking a deliberate time out to focus on the mental and physical wellbeing of your self and ultimately your soul.  It can look like many things.

As cliché as it sounds it all too true….Haters Gonna Hate.  No one knows this to be more true than the First African-American First Lady of the United States.  Since Michelle Obama’s ascent into the White House and her leadership as one of the most dynamic and contemporary First Ladies we’ve seen, Mrs. Obama has been under constant attack for just being herself.

The mind is a terrible thing to waste—this was not just a catchy slogan by the United Negro College Fund, it’s truth to power. Everything ladies—begins in the mind and if you are really deep—it begins in the soul. How we think, and what we think reflect, what we believe about ourselves and our self-worth. Ever had a friend who constantly seems to be in non-stop drama and always a dollar late.  Chances are her sense of self and value are shot.