Level Up Coaching


Business Coaching:
Does your business need to level up? Are you running out of gas and need a fresh set of eyes and input on your business or career goals. Are you having trouble marketing your business, selling your services? Yasmeen is an award-winning sales executive, communicator and public relations and marketing professional. Yaz is the idea to implementation to execution guru. I take ideas to fruition. Creativity is my middle and last name.


Sales Coaching: 
Learn from a multi-award-winning sales professional. Having been a top sales producer in the medical field, engage with me one on one and learn the keys to winning in all you do. We are all salespeople, whether officially or unofficially. You are always selling yourself, your insights, your wares, your expertise. Work with me to level up your sales game. We will take you from mediocrity to becoming a sales standout. Whether your goal is to walk across your company’s stage to receive its highest honor or it’s increasing the selling and revenue generated from your own services and products, we will develop a winning plan of action and help you get the results you want so you can be a Rich Black Woman! 

Or Man😊… Note: we lovingly serve all clients regardless of background and welcome you to reach out.

Self Care Coaching:

Is your life out of balance? Are you neglecting your self? And the care of your mind, body and bank? Work with me and my Self Care Coaching team to bring your inner and outer life in sync. Are you burnt out, worked out, and feeling like you need to get out? Work with me to transform your outer chaos into inner calm and to learn techniques to create a more peaceful background and inner soundtrack.


Caring for ourselves is a daily battle that we must conquer to have the fulfilling life we desire. Whether you are a mother working in the home, working out of the home, single, or married, as women, and as women of color we are often placed socially last and asked to care for everyone else first and with limited resources. But, that model is outdated. Nobody has time for that. We know our value and we are invaluable to our families and our communities, so as we preserve ourselves, we preserve the life of our communities, our nation and our world. Let’s transform your self care into a habit and a lifestyle.


Schedule a complimentary 20-minute call to determine your needs and interview me for the job of being your Level Up Coach in one of the (3) concentration areas.