Our vision is to enrich the lives of Black women from the inside out through three core principles: through the mind, through the body and through wealth generation… securing the bag.


We enrich Black women with expertise and knowledge to empower them to make good decisions to enrich their lives in 3D or three-dimensionally. Mind. Body. Spirit.


Our health is our greatest wealth. If we are not mentally, emotionally and physically at our most optimum levels, we will not be here for our families and our communities through premature death and disease. We reject all of that. That is not our destiny. Your destiny Black woman is to thrive and to be rich in physical and emotional health and wellness.


Financial wealth brings opportunity and freedom. While everyone will not be a millionaire, everyone can be secure and have resources to move with wisdom, power and dignity. We are here to empower you to make good financial decisions for your future and to build a legacy of wealth to pass onto the next generation.

Black women are placed at the bottom of the social totem poll throughout the world and too often we are undervalued, and underpaid. The world is missing out on the tremendous contributions a healthy and wise Black woman brings to every situation.


We declare our value through empowering information to help Black women live at their optimum level. While the world may see us differently because of baseless historical and current social biases, we know our precious value to our families, to society and the world at-large.


My own personal background is unique in that I grew up sometimes missing meals, trying to make biscuits from some flour and water—real talk— often living in an unstable environment after my parents divorced when I was ten. When people meet me today, they would never know many of the struggles I had and overcame as a young girl to be where I am at today. But through God’s total grace and protection, I made it through and ended up graduating a Valedictorian from UCLA, one of the best schools in the world. Many of you have the similar stories of rising through tremendous adversity. For years I kept my story secret, but there is power in sharing your story, because it’s a story of light and hope through darkness.


I’ve enjoyed an illustrious career in marketing, sales, and public relations. I have received some of the highest honors within my fields of expertise as a number 1 producer, sales leader and public relations and event producer.


I now live to encourage other women and men to live out their gifts, talents and to be all they were created to be and to thrive in their gifts, their businesses, their careers, their families and their 3D wholistic lives. We want our sisters and brothers to be RICH IN MIND. BODY. And BANK!





Live Richly,



Your Girl Yaz